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Words of wisdom

2014-06-21 07:11:13 by Flames-of-Industry

My music teacher once said. I teach the most important subject because people get born with music and people will die with music.

One thinks that what would follow would be a tremendous poem about music but no, that's it. He was a concert pianist. Teaching music when he didn't perform. He spoke through music. An absolute master that man!

So what is Flames of Industry about? Something completely different and that's the beauty of music. So go over to SoundCloud and check out my work : https://soundcloud.com/flames-of-industry



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2014-06-21 07:34:01

It is unbeknownst to most people that music is actually the mother of all sciences, with "mu" meaning mother and "sic" being the fundamental science (as in physic). Your teacher shared with you an astoundingly astute and provocative sentiment, that music is in everyone, explains the very fibre of their being, and communicates what is not understandable in the natural world. Our bodies grow and then decay, but our minds, hearts, and metaphysical self continue to harbor music throughout our lives...needless to say that makes being able to express and discover music as a medium an utmost importance during our time on this Earth...Such is truly a profound and genuine notion. Keep up the sick tunes dude!!

Bestowing upon you an enlightening creative journey,
- Dr. Sumir Thripi Chandra "S3C" -


2014-06-21 07:53:15

With musicians, each has something different to bring to the table, and that's the beauty of it.
Another fellow musician here. Nice to meet you!


2014-06-21 18:50:15

@Troisnyx + S3C
I couldn't agree more. Thank you for your comments.


2014-06-21 18:56:08

Isn't it rather serendipitous that your username initials make FOI -- "foi" being the French word for 'faith'?


2014-06-22 03:01:51