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Album Sinner released

2014-11-18 05:46:27 by Flames-of-Industry

Flames of Industry's second album "Sinner" has been released in digital format. 9 tracks varying from Industrial to Classical, EBM to New Age, Dance to Chillout. She looks very nice next to our first album "In Dust". Download them at any desirable price : https://flames-of-industry.bandcamp.com

4995710_141630775282_COVER-Sinner.png 4995710_141630777821_COVER-Indust.png

Words of wisdom

2014-06-21 07:11:13 by Flames-of-Industry

My music teacher once said. I teach the most important subject because people get born with music and people will die with music.

One thinks that what would follow would be a tremendous poem about music but no, that's it. He was a concert pianist. Teaching music when he didn't perform. He spoke through music. An absolute master that man!

So what is Flames of Industry about? Something completely different and that's the beauty of music. So go over to SoundCloud and check out my work : https://soundcloud.com/flames-of-industry